Calories in Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Chocolate almonds are a decadent calorie and fat-laden pleasure. They still have a location in a healthy diet when consumed in small amounts. Dark chocolate and almonds give health benefits that can make this treat worth the calories.


Dark chocolate-covered almonds supply 149 calories per oz. View your parts, as it is extremely simple to consume more than 1 oz., particularly considering that numerous plans of chocolate-covered almonds include more than 1 oz. of these deals with.
health benefits of dark chocolate almonds


The majority of the calories in dark chocolate-covered almonds originate from carbs, however in addition to 11 g of carbs, you'll get 4 g of protein. A serving of dark chocolate-covered almonds likewise consists of 12 g of fat, nearly 4 g which is filled.


Dark chocolate is another advantageous food. University of California scientists have actually found that the flavinoids in dark chocolate boost blood vessel extension, a marker of heart health.