Is Dark Chocolate Fattening?

Is dark chocolate fattening? Chocolate was as soon as thought about a guilty enjoyment, however according to 2009 info from Harvard Medical School, there is now an awareness of the health benefits of dark chocolate-- as long as it is eaten in small amounts. If you include a whole dark chocolate bar to your everyday calories without getting rid of calories somewhere else, it will certainly affect your everyday calories and you will certainly get weight over time.

Calories in Dark Chocolate

Is dark chocolate fattening
About 3 squares of dark chocolate, equating to 37 g, make up a single serving, which includes 170 calories, 110 of which come from fat. If you consume a serving a day without any calorie decrease somewhere else, you include 1190 calories to your weekly consumption.

Can Eating Chocolate Make You Fat?

It takes really little dark chocolate to enjoy health benefits. Dark chocolate that includes more cocoa consists of the most flavonoids, the elements that might decrease blood pressure and low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, the "bad" cholesterol. Dark chocolate consists of in between 50 and 80 percent cocoa, so look for the bar with the greatest percentage.


Virtually 65 percent of the calories in dark chocolate come from 3 various types of fat. The 3rd fat, palmitic acid is likewise a saturated fat; nevertheless, research studies reveal that consuming chocolate does not raise cholesterol levels, Harvard Medical School reports.

One huge maker of milk and dark chocolates specifies that both include the exact same percentage of fat per serving, 13 g of overall fat and 8 g of saturated fat. Milk chocolate includes 24 g of sugar compared to 14 g in the dark chocolate. A research study performed by the University of Copenhagen and launched in December 2008 kept in mind that individuals who consumed dark chocolate 2.5 hours prior to a dish of pizza consumed less than those who ate milk chocolate.

When it comes to included health benefits, dark chocolate is a sure winner. Now, is dark chocolate fattening?