Is Dark Chocolate Paleo?

There's absolutely some gray location when it pertains to dark chocolate, however a lot of paleo supporters will certainly concur that it is a very safe addition to a paleo diet. Individuals commonly question the soy lecithin, however it's in fact simply a by-product of soy oil extraction and is relatively benign (unless one has a serious soy allergy). However, dark chocolate includes extremely percentages of soy lecithin and consuming it is not going to be the death of anybody (once more, unless one has a lethal allergy).

As for the sugar, dark chocolate consists of really little, specifically if you select a bar with a higher cacao percentage. If you are curious about some excellent dark chocolate choices, right here are 5 bars that Mark Sisson advises. In addition, TCHO makes a beautiful 100 percent dark chocolate bar that includes no other components.

Bear in mind, dark chocolate is still a treat and not implied for excess usage, so delight in and continue mindfully.